German Learning Resources

Priority number one: Install ‘GoogleTranslate’ plug-in for your browser. This way, all you have to do when you see big, scary German words increasingly popping into your life, you can just double-click on those words, then instantly see a translation, all in a little pop-up without leaving the page.

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YouTube videos:

Something intelligent – philosopher Hannah Arendt talking about her work (with English subtitles)

YouTube Channels:

Get Germanized

Hayley Alexis – the best ones are with her boyfriend Mike, when they use a mix of Denglish.


German Grammar Spy – an awesome app developed by a friend of mine in Berlin. He’s a highly educated, autodidactic programmer, who built the app primarily for himself to solve the problem. It’s the best way to learn the articles because it uses clever algorithmic sequencing to help you learn. It uses only the most commonly used words, in order of most to least common, and teaches you all of the shortcut rules for the genders. It’s a zero-fat app, unlike almost every other you’ll try. Pound for pound, it’s probably the most effective learning tool out there.


News in Slow German

DW Audio Tutor