How to Operate a Human: A User’s Manual

“Shines with bone-dry British humour” – Ivo Kaufmann, ORF   Human beings are probably the most fun thing it is possible to be on Earth. However, through a unique combination of advanced features like Brain, Thumb and Leg Erection Technology™, they are also the most complex, which is why you can’t just point one blindly in the direction of society, slap it on the bum, and hope for the best. Indeed, as the very latest model of monkey-style primate available, you will not have to worry so much about nature’s ongoing, simpler little problems like getting eaten and winter, but can instead focus on the generally trickier modern endeavour of trying to make your life as nice, complicated and ridiculous as possible. Don’t worry, this instruction manual is here to help. With advice on Hardware & Trouble-Shooting (“If you can’t feel your legs, it’s possible you have woken up without arms“), Software & Operating Systems (“Men are slightly bigger than women, which has historically been enough to convince them that they should be in charge of everything“), and Operation & Upgrades (“Most humans have something called a job, which is where they go in the day so they can afford somewhere to go at night“), this missing handbook for the modern Homo Sapien experience will ensure you get the most fun, novelty and even fulfilment out of your amazing slice of time on the liveliest planet in the solar system. This regularly hilarious, surprisingly thoughtful, and lovingly-illustrated book from Der Spiegel best-selling author and illustrator Paul Hawkins is sure to have you giggling inappropriately on public transport, quoting passages to friends, and marvelling afresh at the forgotten absurdities of modern life. You’ll never look at your species, your world or yourself in quite the same way again!