Good News, Everybody!

Good news can get lost in the rolling worry-fest of the everyday news cycle so here is a living page where I keep track of positive scientific and technological developments relating to humanity’s future, particularly: Climate Change & Clean Energy, Food & Drinking Water Security and the fight against Antibiotic Resistance.

Materials: Spiders and ants inspire metal that won’t sink, University of Rochester, 06.11.19

Energy: Offshore windfarms can provide more electricity than the world needs, The Guardian, 25.10.19

Climate: MIT engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air, MIT, 24.10.19

Climate: Ocean cleanup device successfully collects plastic for first time, The Guardian, 03.10.19

Water: A super-thin slice of wood can be used to turn saltwater drinkable, New Scientist, 03.08.19

Antibiotics: Novel antibiotics effective against gram-positive and -negative multi-resistant bacteria with limited resistance, PLOS Biology Journal, 09.07.19

Antibiotics: Antibiotic resistance: Breakthrough study offers solution, Medical News Today, 19.10.18