Imagine 2.0

Imagine there’s no heaven. Can you imagine? Can you?

It isn’t hard. Easy. Totally easy to do. I could do it. I’m the best at imagining things.

With hell below us. Crime. Murderers. They’re rapists.

Above it, only wall. A beautiful wall. We’re gonna build a wall. Wait ’til you see my wall. It’s going to be amazing.

Imagine, folks – all the people, blacks, Hispanics. Living for today. Can you imagine that? Today? 30 years Hillary had. Couldn’t do it. Disaster.

Imagine there’s no countries. No countries. None. Not one. Read her emails. She wants OPEN BORDERS.

Isn’t hard to do. Isn’t hard. You think it’s hard? It isn’t. We just have bad leadership.

There’s nothing to kill or die for. Nothing! NOTHING! They’re laughing at us.

And no religion too. I said it. She won’t even say it: RADICAL. ISLAMIC. TERRORISM.

Imagine, all the people. All the people. I was talking to them the other day. Good people. Great people, the people. All of them.

Living life in peace. We gotta destroy ISIS. Peace, folks. Take the oil.

You may say I’m a dreamer. Unfair!

I’m not the only one… I have been endorsed by many, many, many people. Many great people. Tremendous people.

Perhaps some day you’ll join us. We’re doing very well. Unbelievable support. Lot of people joining us. Jhuge support. JHuge.

Then the world will be as one. As one! Just wait. We’re going to be friends with everyone, folks. Trust me.

Imagine no possessions. Day one: zero. We’re going to scrap them. Scrap possessions, seriously.

I wonder if you can? Hillary can’t. Obama? Forget it. Total disaster.

No need for greed or hunger. You want greed and hunger now? You gotta go to Jgchina. JGCHINA!

A brotherhood of man. No one respects a brotherhood of man more than me. If she wasn’t my daughter, I’d marry her.

Imagine all the people. You can’t even imagine it. All the people? Living life in peace? Law and order, folks. Gotta have law AND order.

Sharing all the world. They want to share it. I want to share it. But you gotta have STRONG! BORDERS!

You may say I’m a dreamer. A lot of people said it. I said it. That’s how guys talk. Guys know, right? It’s locker-room talk.

But I’m not the only one. The inner cities are joining us. I have a great relationship with the blacks.

Perhaps some day you’ll join us. Everyone’s joining us. It’s like we don’t even have a border right now. Sad. So sad.

… and the world will be GREAT AGAIN.

** (And Mexico’s going to pay for it.)

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