What are you, and why?

Hello. I’m Paul. I’m a comedy writer and illustrator from (almost) London, England. I like to travel and have fun and generally not do all that much, if that’s possible. To this end, my life-long pilgrimage to avoid a ‘proper’ job has led me to what might be the Holy Mecca of Delayed Responsibility: Berlin. I am mostly poor, and will probably remain so forever because the internet killed books. That’s fine – I chose to write jokes for a living, and should accept the consequences. Money is for plumbers.

But where did you come from?


It has been plausibly suggested that I came from the vagina of an Earthling, who also came from the vagina of an Earthling, and so on and so on, for billions of years, until my ancestors were only a fraction of a millimetre in length. That’s my story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

Despite coming almost entirely from Earth, I often like to write about culture, ideas and people from an alien perspective, given how silly I think our species would look from the moon. We’re a ridiculous bunch, really.

This oft-abandoned blog is where I try to mix big ideas with little jokes. The motto around here is: if you’re going to to open your mind… try not to let your brains fall out.

Can you be funny for money?

If you want to be friends, except with money involved, then please feel free to contact me. I am a qualified screenwriter (I know, what a world) and a Der Spiegel best-selling author. I have also written magazine features, articles for print and digital media, script reports, short films, online games, website copy, and posters (‘how do you write a poster?’) I have a background in film, art and story development, and I’d love to hear from you about any mild joke-related work you might want help with.

For books, I am represented by Landwehr & Cie.

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