Idea Graveyard

Ideas are mostly worthless and irritating because making things (i.e. finishing making things) is difficult and annoying. I have annoying ideas quite often, but I am also staggeringly, almost unquantifiably useless, so I’ve decided to not cling to them and de-clutter my brain instead by dumping them on the internet. I made this list partly for myself, to feel like the idea is gone now (so I can get on with my life), and partly for you, just in case – who knows? – you see something here you like sufficiently enough to imagine spending some of your own time dealing with all that work it will create you.

If you’re likely to turn an idea from here into something, all I ask if you please drop me a line. I don’t want your dirty money, but I’d certainly love to see how the little idea-baby we make together grows up and does out there in the big, wide world.

Social Justice Warriors: Trump vs. Brexit, Book/Cartoon Title (2019): I mostly just like this title. What is it? I’m not sure. In my head, what popped up was a book or TV show about Power Rangers-like uber-liberals, progressives and identity-politics superheroes, trying to solve great global challenges (in theory) but mostly arguing with each other about who is the most woke.

Automatic Dead Link Fixer, Code/Software (August 2019): a piece of code that can be inserted into web pages (or a browser extension that works globally), in order to automatically fix “dead links” and preserve the internet ecosphere as it decays. When a link “dies,” this code would execute, in order to send the user either to a mirror of the link, an archived version of it (such as on the WaybackMachine) or – as a last resort – a search engine results page for that link’s key terms.